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Symbolism in scent

Ancient Egyptian limestone depicts Sekhmet, the Lion Goddess as she exchanges the breath of life with Pharaoh Sneferu, prior to his entrance to the Land of the Dead, a sensory experience often associated with immortality itself.  The mystery behind our own psyches in relation to scent is vast in the ability to link us to an array of instinctual functions, including a nuanced chemistry of pheremones ,  detection of noxious fumes and in some instances physical danger. Archetypal imagery possesses a strong emotional pull visually, more so when accompanied by the power of scent.  Sacred resins, incensed accords and narcotic night-blooming jasmine sambac,  redolent of by-gone eras, waft through ancient temples, iconic gardens, age-old  papyrus infused with natural vanillan and alabaster jars filled with aromatics, echoing the art of olfactive portraits. Varying cultural associations with  botanicals activates a spectrum of feeling. Agarwood, a highly revered resin, also known as Oud, a …

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